D E G E R B E R G . C O M || Membership
  Give us a try for only $29.95 (up to $200 value) You'll receive:
  • Black Belt uniform
  • 1 Semi-private Intro Class
  • A Full Month of Group Classes
  • Tour of DAMA
  • One-on-one consultation with one of our award-winning Program Directors
  • Student Information Packet
  • 1st martial arts belt (if applicable)
  • Rank Certificate (if applicable)
  • And, if you play your cards right, the opportunity to become a member of America's #1 Martial Arts School
  Call today for your appointment 773.728.5300 Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts

Most students begin with two or three Blend classes per week. Full members are entitled to unlimited use of our facilities, depending on enrollment. Private classes, instructor classes, special seminars, workshops, tournanments and demonstrations may have separate fees. There is no fee for belt promotions (should belts apply). All classes are co-ed. Children's classes are separated as follows: Ninja Turtles (ages 3-5), Karate Kids (ages 6-12), and Teen Warriors (ages 13-17).
  For more information and to set up your first private class, call 773.728.5300.
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