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  You probably think the martial arts are punching, kicking and yelling. Your perceptions aren't necessarily wrong – they're just incomplete. Most people's exposure to martial arts is limited to what they've seen in movies and TV shows, where the flashy aspects of the arts are overplayed to the point of fiction.
  In reality, the martial arts are as old as history itself and expansive as the globe, growing out of traditions not only in the Orient, but also from Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America and Africa.
  There are many different martial arts and they differ dramatically in philosophy and application. The martial arts should not be compared in terms of "better" or "best." Each art comes with a specific beauty, a unique kind of genius which reflects the culture of its origin. Each martial art carries a deep and rich philosophy – often, a complete lifestyle.
  The beauty of the martial arts lies in the discovery of their subtleties. In discerning their mysteries, we learn about ourselves.
  Here are some of the arts we teach: - Bando - Boxing - Capoeria - the Degerberg Blend (mixed martial arts) - Jiu Jitsu - Judo - Kali Escrima - Karate - Kenpo - Kickboxing - Kung Fu - Lee Jun Fan - Pilates - Savate - Self-defense - Shoot Wrestling - Silat - Tae Kwon Do - Tai Chi - Thai Boxing - Wing Chun - Wrestling - Yoga We also offer classes in stunts and weight-training.
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